Government Shutdown

The Good and Bad of the Government Shutdown


–          The government is not paying for non-essential workers which is about 93% of the EPA and 95% of the Department of Education (Time Magazine).

–          It might force the politicians to come to a compromise and actually do something because it is a huge topic on the news.

–          The possible defunding of Obamacare.


–          Government funded colleges like Navy get little funding and some of their classes are cancelled. And schools like the United States Merchant Marine Academy are shutdown.

–          Very little work in the government can be done until it is back up and running.

–          We see that our leaders can’t work together to do what is best for us.

–          The national forest reserves are closed!

Now What Are We Going to Do

There are more points to both of the groups above but the one thing that is clear is that our future is in the hands of childish politicians that are unwilling to compromise for the good of the people they work for. Politicians work for us and as the youth of the country we have the most to lose from their incompetency. This is our time to make a difference in the world because we are We have to do something in order to ensure that our future is as bright if not brighter than the generations before. We can do that by voting, being active in the government and not getting pushed around by those of higher “status.” We need to have our voices heard so that we do not get lost in the system that is politics.

obama meme

Although it is very funny, I would not be surprised something very similar to that actually happened. Our inefficient leaders are what prevent us, the youth of America, from achieving our full potential whether it be by high unemployment or superfluous regulations. Let us come together and decide our future and not let the perverse politicians decide it for us.


One thought on “Government Shutdown

  1. I really like the humor that is incorporated into your blog. It makes topics that would bore the general, more interesting and maintain the audience’s attention. The media is definitely an added bonus!

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