Sleep and Productivity

I have to say that one of my favorite past times is sleep and I am discovering how important it is as a result of getting around 6 hours a night because of homework and college social life. There has not been any noticeable affects yet, but I am worried about my productivity declining. So I read through many articles and watched a lot of videos to see how it can influence my body and mind.


As you can tell by the very simple and nonspecific graph, productivity decreases over the time that you are awake. I think that the graph is not as specific because there are people who do not need as much sleep as most people, like my brother who thrives on 5 hours of sleep a night. The lesson is that, try to get your work done in the morning or right after you wake up whenever that may be, and to try and judge the correct amount of sleep you need to perform your best. Time is scarce and you need to allocate it effectively in order to be efficient. There are also side effects to not getting enough sleep and some of them are talked about in this very interesting and funny video!

Short-term memory is negatively affected by the lack of sleep! That means that you should get more sleep before a test or quiz so that you remember the information you studied the night before or right before the class. Productivity and efficiency are very important in having an expanding economy and happy society, so get the recommended hours of sleep which are 7 to 9, and the world will later thank you for it. And if your Macroeconomics professor gets mad at you for showing up late to the 8:00 am class, just tell him that you were making the time that you are wake as productive and efficient as possible and he might let it slide.

Efficiency is very important in life and in an economy because it allows for the most work to be done at its highest level. And a very important way to be and stay efficient is by getting enough sleep (7 to 9 hours). I know that it can be very difficult to get that much sleep because of the busy schedules of college students, but it will truly help you out with school and work. It will also help the economy out by having another productive, intelligent and efficient worker/leader/innovator/etc.


  1. Have you noticed any changes in productivity since going to college because of the amount of sleep?
  2. Is the amount of sleep you get different from the amount of sleep you want? If so why not change it?

One thought on “Sleep and Productivity

  1. Nice graph Jimmy it helped your post show what you were trying to say perfectly. I thought this was a nice piece that was almost relaxing to read and flowed nicely. I like your use of exclamation points it really made a difference! Keep up the good reading and I’m sure the readers will come by storm.

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