The Government, Businesses and Us

The economy is still sluggish and that is a result of poor monetary policy. #Fed#futureinflation#toomuchgovernmentinvolvement


How does printing money and putting it into the system not cause inflation? #Fed#QE


A main point in business is to minimize costs and when there are more costs per employee businesses let employees go. #Obamacare


Businesses need employees to do the physical labor or help in any way, so don’t make it costly for them to hire more employees. #Obamacare


Businesses are more efficient when they have less regulations against them. #AdamSmith#WealthofNations#laissezfaire


Taking money away from businesses through a lot of taxes forces them to have less investment which decreases innovation and employees.


The government needs to give the power back to the people and protect our rights. #NSA#Snowden#SecondAmendment


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