The Difficulties of Maintaining an Economics and Finance Blog

Since this blog is about economics and finance, it is difficult to build a large audience of college students because most would rather be doing something a little more fun than reading about economics during their free time. Therefore, I advertised on other blogs, websites, and social media to show other college students that finance and economics can be interesting. That is actually the reason why I wanted to have an audience of college students. I want to help my generation understand the value of a dollar, how the world works, and how to make the world a better place. I do admit that I do not have a lot of viewers on the blog, but I hope that those who have read it have been impacted by it as much as me because I have gained a greater understanding of finance and economics through the process of writing about it almost every week.

A lot of work and research is required for this type of blog because finance and economics are always changing and are there are an endless amount of topics to discuss. It can range from the effects of Obamacare on the employment and quality of medical care to the economics behind golf courses. However, the most difficult part of writing this blog has been choosing a specific topic on each post because there are so many options. Then relating major topics like Quantitative Easing to college students and how it affects us is also a challenge. That process is what I want to encourage other college students to use because they will see how everything is related and then can build a better world by implementing it. It may have been difficult to reach many viewers, and it may have been difficult to find all of the information for the posts, but it was very meaningful and helpful to my understanding of economics and writing in electronic environments.

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